The Escarra Group got together on the 4th of August for the annual group picnic at Professor Escarra’s house. It was a fun event with the presence of family of the group members, especially the little ones: Kevin, Abram and Elijah (from left to right in the picture below).

Professor Escarra wrote and recited the following Haikus for the group:

2016 Group Picnic Haikus

Photonics research
Yo, what is light anyway?
Wave or particle?

Adam knows what’s up
Metasurface warrior
Bending light all day

Nathan can transform
Insulator to metal
With only light. Strange.

Or maybe John knows
Squishing light into 2-D
Deep space solar cells?

Speaking of solar
Vera is splitting light up
Leave no light behind

Five hundred suns. Woah.
For Qi, more sun more power.
Efficiency king

That’s a lot of suns
And it’s getting hot in here
Brian has the cure

Solar module fab
Without Kazi doing work
Can’t make anything

And how to measure,
Without complex experiments?
Max to the rescue

Make it cheap and fast
Briley does things his own way
Inkjet printed future

If you want a group
That makes science fun and fruitful
Look at these all-stars

The group thanks Professor Escarra and his family for hosting such a wonderful event.