The Escarra group presents their research on the FOCUS project and the 2-D materials at the 2016 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Qi Xu has an oral presentation on the FOCUS project while Yaping Ji and John Robertson presents two posters on the FOCUS project and 2-D materials, respectively. The titles of their presentations are as follows:

‘Spectrum Splitting Concentrated Photovoltaic Module Design for a Hybrid Photovoltaic-Photothermal System’ – Dr. Qi Xu

‘Optimization of Optical and Electrical Properties of a Transmissive Spectrum Splitting Multi-junction Solar Module for a Hybrid CPV/CSP System’ – Yaping “Vera” Ji (nominated for best poster in the symposium)

‘Wafer-Scale Vapor-Solid MoS2 Synthesis with Precise Layer Control for Optoelectronic Applications’ – John Robertson