Name: Brian Riggs
Status at Tulane: Postdoctoral Fellow
Office: 202 Stanley Thomas Hall
Email: briggs1 [at]
Project: FOCUS

Brian received his Ph.D. from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2014. His dissertation work focused on the elimination of extrinsic defects introduced to nanocomposite dielectrics during mixing. A main theme in all of his research has been the effects of processing on structure and performance with particular attention to using methods that have potential for high-throughput production. He joined Prof. Escarra’s group in the Fall of 2015 as part of the FOCUS project to assist with bringing the project into its prototyping stage as well as the techno-economic analysis necessary for commercialization of the system. His research interests fall into additive manufacturing methods, high-throughput production, product engineering, energy storage materials, and nanometric control of properties.

Favorite things about New Orleans: The endless number of diamond in the rough restaurants, there’s always something to do, small city living.